Entrepreneurs should consider building their business around mobile apps—data shows that nearly 45% of all Americans own a smartphone, plus 2 billion users worldwide. Compared to local business and marketing strategies, there is no denying that the potential clientele base of mobile far exceeds that of any other area or industry. Mobile apps have surpassed the desktop and laptop; 89% of consumers use their smartphones to make purchases. Entrepreneurs should take this information as a core indicator of where their business should be grounded.

Mobile apps are always within reach

People spend nearly 37.5 hours per month on their phones now. By having an app, you are literally putting your business’s services in their hands. Where the normal person does not carry a computer everywhere they go, about half of the American public does carry a smartphone around. Availability and accessibility are crucial parts of building up your company.

Build your brand with mobile

In 2015, Google implemented a mobile friendly algorithm into their SEO that benefits mobile websites more than desktop only sites. If you’re building a website, having a mobile site is a must. Start where the market is dominant.

Mobile media builds your brand not only by providing you with great SEOs and SERPs when coupled with a webpage and mobile app, but also because mobile apps are easily shared. To explain: If you have a mobile app that is downloaded onto a phone or offered on Instagram and a person likes that app (Person A) then they are more likely to share that app with someone else (Person B) or to post that app to their social media (infinite market possibilities).


Mobile apps optimize and target your clients better

If you build your mobile app with targeting and marketing in mind, you will quickly be able to adjust your marketing strategies to fit those which are actually interested in your product. If you have the intention of selling your product to one demographic, but find that another prefers the app, you can easily view this information and adjust your marketing accordingly. Mobile apps are 100% data driven and make branding/marketing strategies simpler and better.


Should you abandon it all?

Mobile apps are not a magic lamp. You will have to conduct regular business and marketing strategies in order to be successful. Social media integration, email marketing, promotional materials and other forms of brand promotion will be needed. The market does show, however, that 46% of smartphone users cannot live without their device and that 86% of all people shop through a mobile app.

Start with making your mobile app, collect data, revise, redevelop and update. The same concepts for business can be applied here, the only difference is that mobile apps are proven to be effective while traditional business marketing is dwindling. Should you as an entrepreneur build your business around a mobile app? The real question is: what are you waiting for? Let’s show you the possibilities contact us.